Friday, January 9, 2015

Jet Stream Manipulation Madness

Jet Stream Manipulation Nightmare

blocked jet stream

This is likely the most compelling short video of all from the HAARP Report. Segments in this short clip show the wall of ionosphere heater induced high pressure that completely blocks the flow of moisture into the Western US. At the 3:30 point in the video through the 4:15 point, this is most visible.

I would recommend viewing this segment several times to fully grasp the degree to which the climate engineers can control and horribly alter the climate system. The west to east flow of moisture literally hits a wall and then splits to the north and the south.

Meteorologically speaking, this phenomenon is astounding, yet, the whole climate science community continues to remain completely silent. Worse, many in the meteorological/climate science arenas and mainstream media actually try to explain away the extreme weather modification as “natural”.

By doing so they are helping to hide the lethal climate engineering crimes.


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