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The human body can sustain life over a period of days and weeks with out food. The body can sustain life for days without water. The body CAN NOT sustain life over a few minutes without oxygen. Following is a list taken from the Johnston County Emergency Services that explains the results of lack of oxygen at the differnt levels.

It is important to realize:

You may already be suffering the effects from lack of oxygen.

These effects include:

at 21% Oxygen Level

Normal Atmospheric Level

at 19.5% Oxygen Level

Minimum Healthful Level

at 15 - 19% Oxygen Level

Decreased Stamina and Coordination, may induce early symptoms described below

at 12 - 14% Oxygen Level

Breathing rate increases with exertion, increase in heart rate.  Impaired coordination, perception, and judgment.

at 10 - 12% Oxygen Level

Breathing further increases in rate and depth, lips turn blue.  Poor judgment.

at 8 - 10% Oxygen Level

Mental failure, fainting, unconsciousness, nausea, and vomiting.

at 6 - 8% Oxygen Level

Fatal after 6 -8 minutes.

at 4 - 6% Oxygen Level

Coma in 40 seconds, convulsions, respiration ceases, and death.
Source: Johnston County Emergency Services

Until there is a moratorium or total ban placed on the  geoengineering testing of our atmosphere it is highly recommended to learn how the body can make the best use of the available oxygen that is left in our atmosphere.

The cells in our body are dependent on oxygen.  It is not only our respiratory system that is suffocating but the cells in the body to which the oxygen supply is intended.

It has been proven through science and the medical community that all cells in the body contain mitachondri that are dependent on sufficient oxygen to carry on their work and to sustain their life as well as yours.  The cause of cancer is now known to be a lack of oxygen to the mitachondri in the cells.  

It is my intention here to give just a quick summary of some simple things we can do to help insure we are able to make the best use of what oxygen we do have available.

Keep your pH up.  An alkaline environment provides for more available oxygen in the body.  The body maintains the pH of the blood at 7.35 but if there is insufficient supply in the body the body will become acidic due to the need for the blood to maintain that 7.35.   When our body becomes more acidic we find that our immune system becomes compromised and opens up to an entire host of various ailments.

The best way to begin this is to stay away from all sugar (carbohydrates), white flour, processed foods, additives, toxins (msg, aspartame) and other acid producing foods and processes (microwaves).  Here is a list to help manage the food you are supplying to the cells.

Here also is a great video done by Dr. Lustig that helps explain the many problems we face due to the consumption of sugar:

Supplemention of vitamins and minerals are a fairly standard way to assure your body is getting what it was intended to have.  The food supply is becoming more void of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for several reasons that we shall not go into here, but it is safe to say that it is time to pay attention to the foods we are supplying to maintain and recover our health.

A good combination, ratio and form of calcium, potassium and magnesium are essential in raising our pH which also then provides more available oxygen to the internal environment.

A good form of what many call Vitamin C is essential.  (buffered mineral ascorbate is the form most like what the body produced when it was still able to produce its own.  The body can no longer do that.)  The RDA is NOT a sufficient supply for what the human body needs. Dr. Linus Pauling suggested 3 to 10 grams a day for an average size person of 150 lbs.  His work has been confirmed now by many others.  Great area of research.

Ascorbate (vitamin C) is valuable for many functions in the body.  Ascorbate repairs cellular damage, rebuilds the collagen matrix and helps to remove toxins from the body.  Among many other things it s also the oxygen transport system.

L-arginine and B3 (niacin) will helps improve circulation and thus a greater volume of blood flow which helps in moving more oxygen to each part of the body.

The correct essential oil is a must.  I use organic cold pressed organic hemp oil as this is an oil that is in a perfect ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6.  Just one tablespoon of hemp oil a day will reach each one of the trillions of cells in the body.  The oil works as an oxygen transfer system as the oil reaches the cells it can be easily transferred through the cellular wall to the mitachondri.

Get plenty of good free Vitamin D every chance you get.  I know clear skies are hard to find in many places around the world, but the sun serves a vital function for synthesis of other nutrients, minerals and metabolytes.  If this is not available to you, the best form of vitamin D supplement is vitamin D3.

NOTE: Over the last 11 years of researching, the following protocols provide what my body needs and prevents my body from becoming sick from this toxic environment we live in.  These protocols are in the best form, the correct ratio and contain an ample supply of what the body was intended to have when it was created.  They are all natural, effective, safe and inexpensive.
I use the Best Buy link.

There is also a growing concern of the amount of other particulates contained in the aerosols that are being sprayed throughout the atmosphere.  The formulas above also contain malic acid and silica that are known to assist in the removal of plaque buildup from the aluminum and fluoride.  This is especially important as we see the numbers being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism and Alzheimer's continue to grow. 

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