Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is There A Remedy for the "DEAF EAR" Syndrome?

An Arizona Town Hall meeting of citizens with their Senator about the geoengineered toxification of their air, land, water, plants, and bodies appears to fall on nothing but deaf ears. Have you been officially stone-walled when you've needed to know more about the geoengineering military-ops taking place above your head? They came to understand that to get official response, they must:

1. File claims of harm/damage with the appropriate state agency
2. Carefully assemble then submit evidence to that agency
3. Get organized and push that claim really hard could be useful in gathering evidence: A simple telephone inquiry to the chemtrailing airline can reveal the names of the perpetrating pilots. If the passengers can learn their names, so can you.

Note: NASA currently possesses real-time ground based remote sensing and analysis capabilities of aircraft emissions from an airborne aircraft. Modern spectroscopy can be used to analyze the constituent components of chemtrails for all to see and know. See

This is the video of the Arizona Town Hall.  I do hope you decide to spend 30 minutes of your time in viewing and listening to the presenters here.  Factual information that effects each and every one of us is provided.

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