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M E T H A N E  A L ER T  -  M E T H A N E  A L E R T  -  M E T H A N E  A L E R T 

M E T H A N E  A L ER T  -  M E T H A N E  A L E R T  -  M E T H A N E  A L E R T 


  • Russ Tanner - Global Skywatch,
-------------> INTERVIEWS:
  • Dane Wigington - Geoengineering Watch.
      This interview bridges Geo-Engineering with Methane Releases, HAARP and other factors.
  • Please take the time to educate yourself and be up to date on the state of our planet and life as we know it.
  • These two gentleman are definite Leaders in the Geoengineering Movement.
  • When they speak or offer information, it's a good idea to pay attention.

Thanks so much!
"Chemtrail Geoengineering Awareness"



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  • Dane Wigington's Facebook:

  • Dane Wigington's Website:

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Message from AnnyBelle Foundation: 

We do not like sharing problems without also doing our best in providing a solution to the problem.

For all those wishing to work on the project to stop the chemtrails, please join the FaceBook Group listed above and visit their websites.  Any help will help.

For helping the human body remove aluminum, research has found malic acid and silica work great. There is more of a complication however which is the effect of fluoride being added to the mix because of its ability to make the aluminum "stick" in the body.  Think Vitamin C (3 to 10 grams a day), Calcium (proper form Calcium Citrate) AND of course be sure to get plenty of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is free from the our sun, (when it is allowed to shine).

Learn to make the best use of what we do have and try to compensate for what we are not getting. For more information on how you can formulate the means for possible removal of aluminum, fluoride and other toxins and restore the integrity of the body's own healing ability and strengthen the immune system please visit:   ASH - Click Here


Information continues to come in on who is responsible for allowing the geoengineering program to go unchecked by competent scientists and researchers.  Thus far the entire program is being promoted,  authorized and carried out with no regard for life of any kind.

Bits of info for further research:

geoengineering, is a pentagon program & the air force is the branch implementing it-your tax payer dollars fund this-John Holdren, Obama's Science & Technology "Czar" is controlling this. California is in Region 9 of the EPA. The EPA is legally charged with the enforcement of clean air. State side, the California Air Resource Board is the state entity responsible for clean air.

Evergreen Aeronautics may take part in spraying. Check them out. They're all mixed up in government CIA BS. AZ is blessed with a load of the jets. We're totally plastered in northern NH. Not sure where they come from ... Portsmouth, Platsburg, Bangor and maybe VT. ? In charge, Alexandra May Hunter seems to be knowledgeable on that point.

 And people still doubt our governments could possibly do this to their own populations.. They've done it before - 'US. Army sprays radioactive materials on unsuspecting St. Louis public 1953'! - and they're still doing it - Thank you Jim Lee for your scrupulous and tireless dedication to helping expose the evidence.

Possible Solutions for further research:

Kairos International Energy Group
Crowd funded, transitional technology development driving - rapid - sensible - sustainable solutions, with an aim to ending energy and water poverty, thus enabling true freedom and Independence.

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