Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chemtrails - Morgellons Disease - Update

 We're in for a hot call this week. Bryan from up on Canada will be your "host".
If you want to know the latest and best about what's in the chemtrails and
what we are being exposed to, you won't want to miss this one.
Along with Bryan, his friend Drake (YES Drake) will pop in to give us all an
update. Also, a couple of other folks, including Kat, one of the scientific
researchers helping get the word of this nightmare out , will join in.
Get the low down on what's up with chemtrail spraying, Morgellons, nano
technology rewriting YOUR DNA as one writes this, and much more.
Don't miss the James Madison's Community Call
Tuesday evenings @ 9:00 EST - 8:00 CST - 7:00 MTN - 6:00 PST


Dial in (321) 354-6946 Conference ID: 169470#
PDF Download on Morgellons Disease for those that "want to know" http://www.expozium.com/Morgellons_Disease.pdf

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